4 clicks 2 Measurement – Analytics Automation @ SuperWeek
4 clicks 2 Measurement – Analytics Automation @ SuperWeek
A study of digital data about yourself

A search for Phil Pearce’s personal data



1. Quantified self: Analysis & Findings on me!

2. Business card journey…

3. Was at… www.linkedin.com/in/philpearce

4. Search results insight

5. So… Who does Google think am I?

6. What does Google know about me? (not logged-in) Nay!

7. What does Google know about me? (logged-in) Yah!

8. Social data insight

9. LinkedIn journey… (tool depreciated) https://engineering.linkedin.com/

10. What does Facebook think I like? http://www.wolframalpha.com/facebook/

11. What is my Facebook character?

12. What do I share on twitter? (tool not currently working) tweetpsych.com

13. Do people/companies recommend & trust me?

14. How much energy did I use at MeasureCamp? 176% of energy target reached ? Live activity feed: flow.polar.com/training/ profiles/4827896

15. Psychometric data insight

16. “flag page” 20 question survey… www.flagpage.com

17. “eHarmony” 100 question survey…

18. 180 question “Clifton-gollup” strength test results… strengthstestapp.workuno.com/freesf10.html

19. Industry Accolades

20. aka Phils version of 360 degree-employee reviews Peer reviews insight

21. …and what does my iCard look like? How do I view myself?

22. Questions… Me…

23. Friends & Family said…

24. Conclusion:

25. Or maybe… ?

26. Thanks & Questions?

27. Excel: PPC algo & rank & reach tool MS Access: PPC database & Tea Rota PowerPoint: Blackhat analytics presentation & Effects of cookie law Reports/Audits: SEO, PPC, CRO, Analytics and Cookie law. Examples of work

28. Appendix

29. LinkedIn Endorsements Game

30. LinkedIn Endorsements Game

31. LinkedIn Endorsements Game

32. LinkedIn Endorsements Game

33. Analytics Career Development Analysis of oneself TYPE: FOCUS: LANGUAGE: TAGS: x Beginner q Intermediate q Advanced Phil Pearce Senior Analyst @philpearce “I eat hits for breakfast” LEVEL: q Workshop x Short Presentation x Discussion q Technical q Analytical x Business English #MoreMoney #UpSkill Open discussion and feedback on my Social CV (aka quantified self) project welcome. • Live demos & comparisons of your: • Facebook fivescores • Twitter psych • Linkedin endorsements • Clifton-gallup strengths test • Comparisons of best training resources. Slides: bit.ly/analysisofme Richard Fergie Consultant @richardfergie

34. Avatar app

35. Who am I?

36. WHAT!? You mean you can`t read QR sign language?

37. Ok… here`s my details:

38. OH! You can`t hear radio waves?

39. Here is the text…

Phil Pearce
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Phil Pearce
Phil Pearce
Phil is an analytics expert, author, and web analyst. He's also the Analytics Director & Founder of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads and CRO agency, MeasureMinds Group. Over the past 20+ years, Phil has helped clients improve their analytics and search engine marketing through the introduction of new tools and disruptive techniques.
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