The Team.

The secret of our digital marketing success? It’s our people. They don’t just know their stuff – they know what works for others.

So when we're finding new prospects for our team, we look for more than certificates and diplomas. We want them to have the spark that’ll get our clients the best service possible. Our employees feel passionately about what they do, and we hope to share that passion and knowledge with you.

Phil Pearce

Founder and Analytics Director

Analytics expert, author and web analyst - encyclopedic knowledge of almost everything else.

Over the past 19 years Phil has been helping clients improve their analytics and search engine marketing through the introduction of new tools and disruptive techniques. “Fail Fast – Succeed Faster" is the motto behind Phil's approach. Phil is renowned for his in-depth technical skills and the ability to solve business challenges through innovative technological solutions.

Gabrijel Zelic

Senior Analytics Developer

Our senior analytics expert Gabrijel spends his weekends by the beach and his weekdays behind the desk he loves website campaign analysis reporting and optimsation.

He cant wait to put his vast array of digital marketing skills and experience to the test. Gabrijel has a huge arsenal of tools at his disposal including social media and social influence marketing, SEM, IT and support consulting but his favourite pastime is his execution of digital marketing strategies. If you have a problem Gabrijel can certainly help you

Artem Korneev

Technical web analyst

Artem likes solving challenging IT tasks for marketing and analytics. He has a deep knowledge of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Also, he's got a strong background as an IT manager and developer. He can build IT teams, manage the development process, and write code in Python (Flask/FastApi) and JavaScript (React/Redux).

He's also a vegan, so watch out for his superpowers.

Francis Angelo Reyes

Senior Digital Analyst

Francis is a passionate technical marketer with over 5 years experience and an understanding of digital analytics, conversion rate optimization, and SEO. He's what some would call an 'all-rounder'. As one of our senior web analysts, Francis will be helping in your GA & GTM cleanups, consolidation and auditing. On top of this, his experience in CRO will be utilized to ensure you get more leads. He's also an expert in all things Marvel.

Christopher Knight

Digital Marketing Manager and Analytics Trainer

Google Analytics Consultant. Chris is also a body builder, MeasureMinds team fitness coach and is a bit of a charmer.

Chris lives for Google Analytics. He knows every nook and cranny of the powerful marketing tool and can't wait to get his hands on your hardest GA questions. He'll be working with you if you have any problems with Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager.

Will Rice

Digital Marketing Manager

Will is one of our Digital Marketing Managers. He can turn his hands to anything. He is even a firefighter in his spare time. Will may be a young man, but is already making some serious waves in the digital marketing landscape. He is constantly learning and improving and we believe that he soon will become one of the world's best. His drive and enthusiasm for his work is really exciting to see.

He currently specialises in Google Analytics, Tag Manager, SEO and content. He has passed his Google Analytics, beginners, advanced and power users courses and is a Google Analytics Certified Individual.

Clifton Fathers

Paid Media Expert

Understands PPC back to front, and can explain it to others – a winning combo.

Clifton is a digital marketing master and has spent years in the sector. His PPC knowledge is encyclopedic. This is why he'll be helping you if you have any problems related to Google Ads and its supplementary parts. Some say, if you say PPC three times in the mirror, Clifton Fathers appears.

Marlina Medina Silva

Events Manager

Marlina is MeasureMind's event manager. She creates and organises all the great events for us. Say a big thank you as Marlina is the reason we have been able to deliver world-class talks and events at some of the biggest digital marketing and data conventions around the world.

Silvia Medina Silva

Marketing Executive

Silvia is one of the marketing executive at MeasureMinds. She is involved in managing the social media and helping Marlina with events.

Anne-Marie Fast

Content marketing expert

Anne-Marie has an ability to create content that converts. A master of marketing. She knows how to put the brand on the map and deliver the MeasureMinds message

Sara Rudman

Business Development Manager

Sara has a great track record in developing markets of sales across the globe but specifically more in the EMEA region (from Portugal to Russia and beyond). She has worked and lived in Belgium, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, and now Portugal. And impressively is fluent in 5 languages (Slovenian, English, French, Russian, Croatian). She also is currently working on Portuguese which ties in really well with her passion for the company's international growth.

Raisul Islam

Digital Marketing Executive

Raisul is one of our T-shaped digital marketing executives who is also pursuing an Engineering degree from one of the best universities in his Country. He can adapt to any project that's been thrown in his way.

His expertise lies in Social Media Marketing (Especially the paid aspect of social media), SEO, and Email Marketing. He is also a Google Analytics Certified Individual with working knowledge of Google Tag Manager.

He has an incredible motivation for learning and problem solving. And that's what makes him a great data-driven digital marketer.