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MeasureMinds story

Our Founder Phil Pearce sold his shares in his previous company to continue his vision in analytics. The sale of which brought in £250k which was injected into the new company; additionally a transfer of the analytics clients and the analytics employees was also negotiated and the vision was brought to life and MeasureMinds was born.

In just the first year alone a small team of 4 quickly scaled to become a team of 14. Big companies started to take notice, Vistra, Hamilton Beach, WWF, ChristianAid, Wonder, Revitive joined and the company achieved £300,000 in the first year with analytics services alone.

Year 2 has brought with it the extension of new Senior Members of the Team to include CRO and SEO service offerings. In response to Googles discontinuation of GA3 and shift to GA4 MeasureMinds created a new free SaaS software to help with the heavy lifting of the migration. The tool is called the GTM Cleaner. Showcasing the wealth of expertise of our team.

MeasureMinds predicted year on year growth is doubling each year. This is an extremely exciting time and huge opportunity for anyone getting onboard at this early stage. As the wealth of opportunities available at this fast moving business and a chance to work with some of the industries most widely regarded experts.


  1. Co-own and co-create the CRO roadmap with and for our clients
  2. Optimise the digital customer journey for our clients
  3. Initiate hypothesis-driven A/B tests with the aim of improving visitor to buyer conversion
  4. Deliver data-driven opportunities to increase conversion for web, app and in-store digital touchpoints
  5. Report and present data in a comprehensible visualised way with clear business cases
  6. Challenge Digital roadmap initiatives with data-driven insights
  7. Be a strategic internal partner for quantitative and qualitative customer behaviour/feedback
  8. Guide junior staff to become true professionals in the field
  9. Monitoring clients' campaigns and providing technical recommendations in a digestible way
  10. Providing consultative services to help inform and implement digital strategies
  11. Conducting regular in-depth analytics audits and creating presentable strategic plans in order to optimise clients' websites
  12. Executing analytics training programmes both in-house and to small teams
  13. Possess technical ability to develop a suite of insight dashboards and reports within Google Analytics for enterprise level clients
  14. In-depth knowledge of Google Data Studio


  • Have Minimum 3 year experience in CRO
    5 years + of GA experience
    Sound knowledge of CRM
    Experience of multiple CRM and analytics tools necessary. The more the better
    Good understanding of GTM
    HTML/CSS/Javascript experience desired
    A business minded or analytical degree is desired, but certainly not essential
    5 years + of Datastudio experience


You should be an extremely ambitious and motivated individual with an impeccable work ethic. The successful applicant will be extremely IT literate with an extraordinary knowledge of multiple marketing tools and their applications. You will need to be able to take the initiative and to be confident to challenge strategic direction based on your own sound and logical previous experiences. The successful candidate must show a proven track record of experience and success in previous CRO roles. You must be extremely adaptable as we work with a number of clients covering multiple sectors. The successful client must have superb interpersonal skills in order to liaise with the team and clients.


We are the small highly-experienced dynamic team with big plans that will support you with on-going training and exposure to the constantly evolving digital marketing landscape.

  • The opportunity to learn from some of the most talented and knowledgeable digital marketers in the country.
  • £2,000 training budget for job-related skills improvement.

How To Apply

Please send a CV and covering letter to

You must have the right to live and work in the UK.

Ideally we are looking for someone to start work as soon as possible.

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